The Management

Chairman's message

"We aspire to contribute to the global seafood production with a traceable shrimp aquaculture product."

We thrive to remain a positive and inspiring leader to all of the farmers and researchers in the company. I started KMN Aqua with the hopes of improving local shrimp farmers in the area, and I am proud of the incredible journey and stormy waters we have had to navigate. For 25 years, we made tremendous progress by introducing the demonstration of shrimp farming and opening new areas for production for the export market, which the local communities have benefited through these business ventures and job opportunities. Furthermore, the creation of the Green Aquaculture Concept changes every aspect by focusing on the importance of sustainable shrimp aquaculture practices.

As our next mission, we aim to join the global market with traceable shrimp aquaculture products and increase the local raw materials for export-driven purposes.

W. K. H. K. Silva