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Committed to a Future of Green Aquaculture

Since establishing KMN Aqua in 1997, our company believes in improving the quality of sustainable shrimp aquaculture. Our group of dedicated and well-experienced teams of researchers and farmers provides our customers with the necessary services and guidance to create a positive impact on the environment with sustainable shrimp aquaculture practices in Sri Lanka.

25 +

Years of Excellence

We are The First Shrimp Aquaculture
Company to Provide In-Farm
Advisory and Technical Support.

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The KMN Nauplii Center imports specific pathogen-free parent shrimps and produces SPF Nauplii to distribute in..

KMN technical team identifies that the laboratory services are needed to achieve the green aquaculture concept.

Leading Shrimp Feed Provider in Sri Lanka.

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We have worked through all levels of our value chain, and with over 25 years in the shrimp aquaculture industry, we are proud to be the leading shrimp feed provider in the aquaculture industry in Sri Lanka.

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Sustainability Through Technology

We have taken an important role in the development of new and sustainable shrimp aquaculture solutions. As a company, we want to use our position and insight in the industry to provide the best solutions and advice for our partners, farmers and customers.


Use of extensive research, laboratory studies and latest aquaculture technology.


Maximum production efficiency and minimum impact on the marine ecosystem.

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