Sustainability - Research and Development



KMN Aqua, as the main stakeholder of Shrimp Aquaculture Industry of Sri Lanka, we have identified their responsibility to address following issues, and we have established a Research and Development Department to find solutions for following issues.

  1. Disease Prevention
  2. Control diseases before become into an outbreak level
  3. Lower the cost of production
  4. Product traceability/ Shrimp quality
  5. Reduce organic discharge to the natural water body
  6. Minimize natural resource degradation
  7. Control carbon emissions to the environment


Our Research & Development Department is continuously finding the ways and measures to mitigate above impacts and educate farmers with the results of researches.


1. Disease Prevention

KMN Aqua is keen on most critical bio security factors which prevent diseases and we are trying to encourage farmers to adhere into strong bio security measures.


2.Control diseases before reach into an Outbreak level
It is obvious that diseases can’t be eradicated from the Shrimp Farming. So KMN Aqua has tried for the Prevention first and secondly KMN has identified several ways to control the disease before it convert into an outbreak level.

3.Lower the cost of production
As export market-oriented commodity, the production cost of Shrimp is the key to penetrate highly competitive international markets. R & D does continuous researches on finding ways to minimize cost of production by reducing the FCR, high average daily growth (ADG) and minimize energy cost & labor costs.


4. Products Quality/Shrimp traceability
It is a primary qualification of the Shrimp product, that to be free from internationally banned substances like Antibiotics. So, the R & D of KMN has given more priority to find new farming practices with probiotics, and to promote farmers to produce more export-oriented quality products.


5. Green Aquaculture Concept
KMN’s R & D introduces, Green Aquaculture Concept to the industry as a method to minimize organic discharge to the natural water body, to minimize natural resources degradation and to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

R & D have introduced some farmer friendly methods to minimize organic discharge to the natural water through converting sludge into fish protein and organic fertilizer.

It encourages farmers to use probiotics and it ensures minimum natural resources degradation and it reduce cost of production also.

R & D of KMN educate all the businessmen who involved in Shrimp Industry about the bad influences of heavy carbon emission to the environment through the energy usage of the industry and they promote mangrove cultivation to balance the carbon emission.