We believe that the safe natural environment is the key factor behind the Sustainable Shrimp Aquaculture, and it ensures the biological balance of fauna and flora. The commercial Shrimp Aquaculture should confirm the protection of the natural environment in the procedure of enhancing its productivity.


As the biggest service provider in Shrimp Aquaculture Industry of Sri Lanka, KMN has identified the importance of Sustainable Shrimp Aquaculture, and we consider it as a responsibility to protect the natural water body along with the Shrimp Aquaculture Industry. Keeping this in mind, we have introduced ‘Green Aquaculture Concept’ to all the stakeholders of Shrimp Aquaculture sector.


The ‘KMN’s Green Aquaculture Concept’ will ensure to earn maximum foreign exchange while protecting natural environment.


  • Zero Organic Discharge to Natural Water Body


  • Minimize organic discharge to the natural water body.
  • Recycle the water used for aquaculture.
  • Improve the water quality of natural water body.

Green Aqua Concept

  • Minimize organic discharge to the natural water body
  • Collect organic discharge into a separate sludge pit
  • Convert organic discharge/sediments in to organic fertilizer
  •  Use organic discharge as fish food and produce fish protein for human consumption
  • Promote farmers and surrounding villages for mangrove cultivation along the farming belt.