Sustainability - CSR


KMN Aqua Services (Private) Limited does come up with several CSR programs which are very effective in the upliftment of society. CSR Programs of this company are mainly aimed on three fields which are Education, Healthcare & Rural Communities.


Training for University Students

As a method for improve aquaculture related practical knowledge of the university under-graduates, we are providing internships and training opportunities to them.

Free Distribution of School Essentials      

The company annually distributes school uniforms, notebooks, stationery and school bags for school children in rural areas to motivate them to attend school and to maintain their interest in studies.


Conduct Free Eye Clinics and Distribute Spectacles
We  conduct eye clinics to help underprivileged people in Sri Lanka who suffer from various forms of vision impairments.
We also distribute quality spectacles made according to the prescriptions, free of charge for lower income earners under these programs.

Rural Communities

Free Distribute Essential Goods
KMN Aqua Services (Private) Limited, annually distributes essential goods to lower income earning families in rural areas, with the objective of uplifting their lives.