• With the objective of supplying technical support to our valuable customers, we have introduced In House and Mobile Laboratory Facilities to Shrimp Farmers, free of charges.
  • We mainly provide water quality analysis, microbiological analysis, post larvae quality analysis in our main laboratory
  • To make our service more effective, we are providing mobile laboratory services for tests such as General water quality, PH, Alkalinity, Salinity, Total ammonia, Temperature and Dissolved oxygen.
  • Our motive is to strengthen our fellow Shrimp Farmers with the latest technology and enhance their abilities in the Shrimp Farming Industry.

Water Quality Analysis

• PH
• Salinity
• Alkalinity
• Hardness
• Total Ammonia
• Toxic ammonia
• Ferrous
• Calcium magnesium ratio
• Dissolved Oxygen


• Vibrio Bacteria Count

Postlarvae Quality

• Microscopic Testing for Monodon bacula virus
• Average Total Length
• Size Variation
• No of Rostral spine and Postlarvae Stage
• Muscle gut Ratio
• External Fouling Organism
• Necrosis
• Endoparasite
• Hindgut expansion
• Stress Test

Mobile Laboratory Facilities

• General Water Quality Testing
• PH
• alkalinity
• Salinity
• Total Ammonia
• Temperature
• Dissolved Oxygen


Other Services


Advisory Service


Laboratory Service