T. Jagath Chandana
Senior Marketing Manager

I started my career at KMN in 1997 as a Marketing Assistant and promoted as Marketing Executive, Assistant Manager, Manager and later as the Senior Manager of Marketing.
It has incomparable culture, and it is the reason behind the fact that so many of us have built careers at this company without considering this like “just another job”.
At the same time, it is a pleasure to work in a company that stays honest to a set of values which are important for the upliftment of the staff.


Indika Perera

I am happy to work in a fulfilling role as a member of the Senior Management Team of KMN in an environment that dedicated to improve team spirit, commitment and personal development.


M.Deepika Sandamali Silva
Senior Accounts Executive

Working at KMN has broaden my perception and my career opportunities. I have found room to grow and test myself. I find myself considering it my second home because it has made me feel comfortable and made me feel as a part of the team. The Culture of KMN is very much aligned with my personal values, enabling me to have balance between work and life.


W. S. Dilantha Silva
Assistant Manager

I joined KMN Aqua as an administration executive in 2007, and I have had the opportunity to work in different capacities in the KMN Group in last 14 years. The culture of KMN is enriched with a value system, which is very much aligned with my personal values. I am grateful to KMN for providing me with the exposure and experience. I enjoy my work and consider KMN my second home.